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Lateral Stability Sports: Game Day Map

Length: 0:11:31

Whether your sport is football, rugby, soccer, ice hockey, or skiing or snowboarding, all of these sports require strong lateral stabilization to support quick changes in direction. Perform this 11-minute map on game days to hydrate your pelvis, hips, and upper back, and help your low back, knees, and ankles stay pain-free.

This map features a Seated Compression Sequence, Upper Body Compression Sequence, and a Neck Release Sequence, so it’s also a great go-to map for anyone who wants to treat their upper and lower body.

Bonus: The video is filmed on the beach!

LEVEL: Intermediate

TOOLS YOU NEED: MELT Performance Roller or MELT Soft Roller


  • Rest Assess
  • Tail Triangle Glide
  • Side Hip Glide and Shear
  • Rib Length Assess
  • Upper Back Glide and Shear
  • Shoulder Blade Glide and Shear
  • Upper Back Rinse
  • Rib Length Reassess
  • Base of Skull Shear
  • Neck Decompress
  • Rest Reassess

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