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Intermediate Lower Body and NeuroCore Sequence

Length: 0:10:41

Use this 10-minute sequence to restore some control and stability to your hips and rehydrate your lower body. This sequence is ideal for anyone with tight hips and hamstrings and low back pain, and also provides an indirect treatment for neck and upper body pain. Moves like the Drawbridge will improve grounding, core control, and whole-body length, while the Figure 4 will help open your hips and strengthen your pelvic floor.

Important: Pay attention to the pelvic positioning in each of these core moves, noticing whether the pelvis is in a tuck, tilt, or neutral position.

LEVEL: Intermediate

TOOLS YOU NEED: MELT Soft Roller or MELT Performance Roller


  • Rest Assess
  • SI Joint Shear
  • Bent Knee Press
  • Drawbridge
  • Figure 4
  • Pelvic Tuck and Tilt Challenge
  • Low Back Decompress
  • Core Challenge
  • Rest Reassess

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