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Belly Bloat Map

Length: 0:23:48

Whether you’re feeling bloated from too much alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy, or other inflammatory foods, this map will help relax your nervous system and improve digestion. Use this 20-minute advanced map as a stand alone treatment to increase core strength and stability, or add it to your regular core routine to enhance your results.

LEVEL: Advanced

TOOLS YOU NEED: MELT Soft Roller, yoga mat


  • Rest Assess
  • Gentle Rocking
  • Pelvic Tuck and Tilt
  • Rib Curl
  • Oblique Rib Curl
  • Single Leg Lift
  • Double Leg Lift
  • Assisted Plank
  • Bicycle
  • Rib Length
  • Rib Side Bend
  • Rest Reassess

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